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Himalaya mountain climbing

From the experienced trekker to the extreme mountaineer, embarking on a guided ascent in the Himalayan mountains offers possibilities for all skills. Look at our range of climbing and enjoying Himalayan peaks, all of which are professionally guided and organized. With such a diverse festival of the Himalayan mountains to climb, we have selected some of the favourites as guided tours that will allow you to climb and experience various part of the world.

Mount Everest is in the elevated Khumbu right on the frontier with Tibet and we offer tours to climb the South East ridge for tiny groups of skilled climbers. For personal expeditions, we can also provide logistics. The challenge of a lifetime is to climb the Himalayas with a climbing expedition.

In the 6000m range of so-called 'trekking peaks' (this is an administrative allocation based on royalty fees, and has no association with the technicality of the climb) we offer such iconic mountains as Island Peak (also known as Imja Tse), which was a training peak used by Hillary and Tenzing in 1953, Mera Peak in the Barun Conservation area, Yala Peak at the top end of the Langtang Valley, and Parcharmo Peak in the Rolwaling district. Some expeditions cover multiple peaks and passes that include more technical crossings over the Amphu Lapcha Pass and the easier Kongma La.

Aconcagua mountain climbing

This is a guided mountain excursion and the Horcones path as well as the Vacas Valley path are available. We usually make one journey a year. Mount Aconcagua at an altitude of 6962 m is the largest mountain in the western hemisphere and the largest mountain in the globe outside the Himalayas, situated close the Chilean frontier in western Argentina. It is one of the fabled Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.

There are about 3500 climbers trying the summit each season. The normal routes are non-technical with sections of snow and ice, both following the Northwest Ridge to the summit from the same final camp. Despite its lack of technical challenge, there is still a bit of preparation for Aconcagua. The altitude and the weather and the high level of self-sufficiency required pose the biggest challenges, so this is not a climb for the uninitiated.

This expedition is more physically and mentally demanding than mountains like Elbrus or Kilimanjaro, requiring a good working knowledge of camping, cooking and cold weather survival skills. Fitness is important too; there are Aconcagua porters available, but there is more self-carrying of loads up to around 15 kilos at altitude. The trip is expedition style and the route involve a 3 or 4-day walk-in to base camp followed by two or three high camps before the summit day. We recommend a good period of preparation for Aconcagua and we will help with as much advice as possible.

This is an excellent adventure for aspiring mountaineers who really want to stretch and tackle greater altitudes. The mountain itself is challenging and should not be underestimated, but it will be an important accomplishment to stand on South America's highest point with adequate preparing and training. It can be dangerous but there is a procedure for rescues off the mountain and the Rangers are very helpful, plus there is a helicopter service that will take people down to the gate.

Kilimanjaro mountain climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's largest mountain and the largest mountain on earth. This majestic mountain, crowned with an eternal snow-cap, can be found within Tanzania's Kilimanjaro National Park at 005.00 degrees south, 036 degrees east, 5895 m a.m.

Climbing Kilimanjaro hopes through this website to provide prospective climbers with a extensive guide containing precise and useful data to boost one's chances of a good summit when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Detailed itineraries, route maps, useful hyperlink, stunning pictures and photography of all the major routes, including the Arrow Glacier, the Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Mweka (only used for descending), the Rongai (Nalemoru), Shira (predominantly used for evacuation) and Umbwe routes.

Vinson mountain climbing

Should we believe that the unexplored exists, then we must view the isolation of Antarctica as an explorer's final frontier. Unparalleled in its pristine and absolute beauty, the journey to the Antarctic continent and the climb of Mt. Vinson ignites man's primal instincts for wilderness, the elements, and conquest. The sheer magnitude of the continent and the exquisite nature of the ascent is an extreme and remarkable experience. Mt. Vinson, located 600 miles from the South Pole and 1,200 miles from the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, is the highest peak on the continent. Vinson is part of the Ellsworth Mountains, which rise majestically from the Ronne Ice Shelf.

The climate on Vinson is generally controlled by the polar ice cap's high-pressure system, creating predominantly stable conditions. But, as in any polar climate, high winds and snowfall are possible. Though the annual snowfall on Vinson is low, high winds can cause Base Camp accumulations of up to 18 inches in a year. During the summer season (November through January), there are 24 hours of sunlight. While the average temperature during these months is minus 20 degrees F, the intense sun will melt snow on dark objects. As of 2010, a new runway and camp has been established at the Union Glacier (replacing the Patriot Hills camp) and has led to a lower rate of flight delays. Climbers need to be prepared to travel in extreme cold environments and be properly geared and skilled in self-care.

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