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Leading Across boundaries

Leaders have three basic duties that they create a vision that they create alignment and champion execution.


This course will develop leaders who can set leadership and promote collaboration across organizational boundaries, both within and outside the organization, resulting in more effective collaboration between functions, divisions, and teams as well as suppliers, partners, and customers.

Cross-border coordination and collaboration are essential in today's highly matrixed organizational structures. Leaders are increasingly required to lead not only "down" in their business units, but also "through and out"-setting direction and fostering collaboration among their teams, with other work units, and with other organizations such as suppliers, partners, and clients. If leaders and their people are unable to work effectively across borders.

Intends To Accomplish

  • Increased organisational responsiveness to a vibrant marketplace.
  • Advanced cross-organizational procedures for innovation.
  • Achievement of mission-critical, ultimate outcomes
  • A workplace committed and empowered at all levels
  • Flexible, cross-functional teaching skills for problem solving and adapting to change.
  • Better risk management and benefits through long-lasting relationships across sectors.
  • Virtual high-performance.
  • Global thinking and cross-regional cooperation.
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