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Entry Level Training - Manager/Trainee

Entry Level Manager

One of a manager's most significant duties is to remove excuses for mistakes from his people.


While we might want to believe otherwise, an incredibly talented employee does not translate into a great manager automatically. Indeed, one study found that the first time they became bosses, 26 percent of new managers admitted that they were not prepared to move into leadership positions. The lack of readiness can be daunting, especially if they feel that based on their work performance you might have expectations. But remember: this different role will present them with new challenges, so you need to get them started on the right foot.

If they are managers for the first time, there's a lot to be a good manager they might not know and investing in a thorough training program for managers would be prudent. Just as you expect managers to support their team members and direct reports, for these new bosses you need to do the same and help them build their leadership skills.

Intends To Accomplish

  • Increase your level of confidence as a new manager
  • Build skills to help employees gain more skills.
  • Adjust your leadership style to the developmental needs of your employees.
  • Develop a climate that encourages motivation and camaraderie.
  • Prepare your team to point the way through clear vision and direction.
  • Equip staff with the resources they need to be effective.
  • Assist staff in solving problems and overcoming barriers.

Entry Level Trainee

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