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Enhance Working Relationship

Good working relationships offer us several other advantages: our job is more pleasant if we have excellent relationships with those around us. The modifications we want to introduce are also more probable to accompany people, and we are more innovative and creative.


Getting into a rut at work is all too easy and finding yourself unhappy with other people's behaviour, or perhaps even the way you react to it. By making some small changes in your behaviour, you can set the tone to encourage good relationships.

In business, the key to your success is relationship management. If you have strong relationship-building skills, you can work with colleagues together, resolve conflicts, handle customer complaints, and earn better sales or negotiating results. Using essential communication tools, find out how to create positive working relationships. Hear how to build relationships in the workplace and develop mutual understanding. Learn how to communicate at work in a positive and appropriate manner. For anyone who wants to improve their relationship-management or ability to contribute positively to a team, this is an introductory level communication course.

Intends To Accomplish

  • Mutual understanding and relationship building.
  • Positive and constructive speaking.
  • Acceptance and celebration of differences
  • Mutual respect
  • Support the planning of succession and private growth.
  • Assign accountability for duties and choices clearly.
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Sky High Academy is a Learning and Development company specializing in ​ Outbound Training, Team Building, Outdoor, Adventure and hands-on Experiential Learning Programs in India. Our humble beginning in 2009 with less than 100 students and A single instructor. Having consulted on various Outbound Training Exercises we have noticed the interests of the corporate world in using adventure activities as tools to build up leadership qualities, team building and personality development. In 2012 we were a registered academy for Adventure Sports. Now we have more the 12000 students and 320 schools in and around south india. We design and deliver action based learning approach to Outbound Training, Leadership Development, Team Performance Coaching, Team Building, Behavioral Skills Training and Employee Engagement Programs for Corporate Companies and Institutions.

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