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Authentic Leadership

"Authenticity is more than speaking, it's also about doing authenticity. Every choice that we make tells something about who we are."


At its core, authenticity is about consistency and a commitment to gaining oneself through self-knowledge. In understanding this consistency, the ongoing commitment of an authentic leader to understanding the drivers to himself, such as purpose, values, relationships and integrity, is important. The underlying rational is that in an ever-changing world, an "authentic" and "real" leader becomes the stable force. In addition, the substance of positive leadership actions is focused on authentic leadership. The positive impact of "authentic leadership" organizations has been highlighted through increased engagement, increased confidence, increased turnover, increased culture and team skills.

Intends To Accomplish

  • Self-awareness.
  • Practical skills gains.
  • Strengthen and revitalize.
  • Develop higher confidence in your own capacities.
  • Lead an integrated life that allows you to balance job.
  • Recover their values in their job settings and change mindsets.
  • Be clearer and more consistent in all communication.
  • Show and create higher effect within their organisations.
  • Create a whole new business paradigm.
  • Trust yourself and trust your management.
About Us

Sky High Academy

Sky High Academy is a Learning and Development company specializing in ​ Outbound Training, Team Building, Outdoor, Adventure and hands-on Experiential Learning Programs in India. Our humble beginning in 2009 with less than 100 students and A single instructor. Having consulted on various Outbound Training Exercises we have noticed the interests of the corporate world in using adventure activities as tools to build up leadership qualities, team building and personality development. In 2012 we were a registered academy for Adventure Sports. Now we have more the 12000 students and 320 schools in and around south india. We design and deliver action based learning approach to Outbound Training, Leadership Development, Team Performance Coaching, Team Building, Behavioral Skills Training and Employee Engagement Programs for Corporate Companies and Institutions.

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